Optasia Ministry Reviews

Here are some of the comments we've received from those who have received our materials

Thank you!!! I am blessed immeasurably by your work. Darren

Your package arrived this past week, and I have been like a kid in a candy store enjoying its rich resources. May I say, that this has been one of the most blessed things I have ever received. Really. I have been a Christian for over forty years, and to have literally different versions of the Bible to read is so thrilling! My prayer is that this ministry will flourish and grow and that many will serve Christ and spread His message. Thanks again for this precious resource. - Kae

Thanks so very much for making the Optasia Library available for the blind and visually impaired. It is something I have searched for for several years. It will open many new and previously closed doors for me. I have been in the ministry for most of my adult life but had to take a backseat several years ago because of my sight. Now again I will be able to read and study the Scriptures. -- Jerry

The Optasia library is the most extensive accessible Christian library I have come across. If you are a student of God's word, you will not find a more extensive library. If you are just a Bible reader, you can read a given translation with the greatest of ease. - Stewart

As a seminary student I really appreciate the Optasia collection. The resources they provide have greatly enhanced my studies and saved me a lot of time scanning sections from books in the library. I am excited to see the list of available resources grow as they continue adding several top notch commentary sets, reference books, and foundational theological works. Optasia has given me access to so many quality research materials that I am not exaggerating when I say that I do not know how I would have completed my degree without their help. Greg

I cannot thank you enough for the amplified Bible. I'm like a child at Christmas. I am so enthusiastic about the Amplified Bible. I can't say enough about this--for I have wanted it for years and years. On the CD-roms of books are treasures galore. -- Penny

I got the Cd and wow!!!! There are many books on it that I have been wanting to read for over 20 years. I am truly sitting here laughing, crying and shouting. I thank God for this resource. -- Ron

I was absolutely amazed when i found your CD's in the mail today. I had no idea all of the great treasures that they contain. Many of my friends that I passed your information along to have told me the same thing, what a blessing your ministry is. - Kelly

Thank you so much for sending me the NLT a week ago! I was able to fully participate in my church service, and I've started a brand new prayer journal this week, too! -- Nicholas

I am completely overwhelmed -- Piet

I have bibles [from Optasia Ministry]I read on my Pac Mate using Internet Explorer and it is very easy to navigate. I [want to let]you know exactly how much I have come to depend on the materials (especially the Bibles) you sent me. God is increasingly using me, and I am increasingly using those materials as a result. -- Alan

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful work you've done with the NIV Bible. This is fantastic. -- Bruce

I can vouch for the value of the Optasia Ministry Bible resources. I am currently a theology student and this library has been very valuable in all the papers I have been writing. Mark

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